Roomful of Pianos – Workshops and Sessions


Along with spectacular performances, Roomful of Pianos will feature educational workshops and career development sessions, presented by industry experts. All events will be open to all NAMM members, GenNext attendees, and Roomful of Pianos participants.


Where Are Your Next Piano Customers Coming From?

Thursday, 1:00-2:00 pm
ACC, Level 3, Lounge 88

It’s a different world today for piano retailers. Competition is no longer just other businesses; its school sports, video games, iPhones and a firehose of other activities in kids’ lives. Piano customers are out there, but you have to go after them! This panel discussion, moderated by Bob Popyk, Music Trades magazine columnist, will explore big ideas for getting new piano customers. Bob and his team of experts will look at the benefits of learning to play the piano, working with teachers and tuners, the value of holding group lessons, going after the senior market, coming up with creative in-store and outside promotions, and much more.

The Secrets to Selling Pianos in an Online World

Friday, 1:00-2:00 pm
ACC, Level 3, Lounge 88

Bob Popyk, Music Trades magazine columnist, returns for an in-depth interview with Tom Folenta, piano industry website wizard. Together, they’ll tackle one of the most critical topics today: selling pianos in an online world. In this special session, Folenta will share unique ideas for creating more online piano sales and expanding your piano customer base. Find out what’s working today, and discover new (and interesting) ways to make your website more effective.

The Future of Digital Keyboards for Full-Line Music Retailers

Saturday, 1:00-2:00 pm
ACC, Level 3, Lounge 88

Digital keyboards are changing the scope of the piano business in full-line, combo and piano-only stores. Are you making the most of this business-enhancing and traffic-generating product category, which has the potential for strong profits? Moderated by Bob Popyk, columnist for Music Trades magazine, this panel discussion will dive into ideas you may not have thought of for bringing new customers through the door by selling more digital keyboards, whether you’re a full-line, combo or niche music retailer.

Secure Your Future: Piano Technician Shortage Means No Shortage of Career Opportunities

Friday 10:30-11:25 am
Anaheim Hilton, Santa Barbara (Level 4)

Career opportunities range from working for a university music school, music festivals, concert halls, for world-renowned musicians, public schools, individuals, or independently as a piano shop owner or private piano tuner and technician. Piano technician work can supplement a performing, composing, or music theory career. Presented by Debbie Cyr, Registered Piano Technician and Piano Technology Faculty, North Bennet Street School and The College Music Society.


Launching a Recreational Music Making (RMM) Piano Program: Fulfilling Dreams & Enhancing Lives

Saturday, 12:00 -1:00 pm
ACC, Level 3, Lounge 88

Group Piano programs are forming and growing across the country. Discuss best practices for building a student base, marketing, setting tuition, and choosing materials. Learn how creating piano-based RMM opportunities is doable, rewarding, and fun! Presented by The NAMM Foundation. Presenter: Nan Richerson, Ph.D., Salisbury University

Teaching Keyboards in Today's Classroom

Saturday, 2:00-3:00 pm
ACC, Level 3, Lounge 88

This session will provide the tools to the school music educator to introduce teaching piano skills in a piano lab setting.  Learn how by using piano labs integrated with technology, students learn how to play the piano and teachers easily monitor comprehension to make learning more efficient and individualized. Presented by The NAMM Foundation. Presenter: Mark Linn, Director of Bands, Parkway North High School, St. Louis, MO